Meal delivery FAQ:

What is in the menu? We create our menus every week with the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

Are all menus healthy? Yes, we are not a diet system, we just cook the food you love to eat the healthiest way possible without losing the flavors, textures and freshness. All our recipes are made from scratch with the guidance of our Chef- Nutrition Coach Gonzalo Ramia and his team.

 Is Dragonfly a diet? NO we are not a diet but all meals are balanced and healthy, they Include 40% lean protein, 30% complex carb, and 30% vegetables and legumes just the right balance for you. We also offer low carb options upon request 

Are the meals hot or cold? All the meals are cool down by a quick chilling process to keep the food as fresh as possible for your delivery day "OUR FOOD IS NEVER FROZEN".  Warm food starts to decompose within minutes, with our technics they can last up to 72 hours refrigerated at the right temperature.
All meals are delivered In Isolated bags with Ice packs and they may last up to 8 hours without refrigeration. 

How many meal can I order? There is a minimum of 5 meals per week.

Can I eat the meal for lunch and dinner? Yes all meals are balanced so you can eat them for lunch and dinner

How do I order? You can order by ONLINE phone, WhatsApp  For first time orders, we recommend contacting our representatives so they can give you a brief guidance of the system and obtain all the client Information.

When do I order? We Post the menu every Monday Afternoon. All orders must be done MONDAY thru FRIDAY from 9am-6pm for the following week.. 

When do I get my meals? We'll deliver HALF of your order ON MONDAY and the other HALF ON WEDNESDAY from 9:00am to 1:00 pm depending of the area.

How do I pay my meals? You can pay with CC, VENMO, CASH APP, ZELLE. once you place your order, one of our representative will contact you to process the payment.

What do I do with the cooler bags? You can leave the empty bags outside your door for the next delivery day. A $15 Fee will apply for bags not returned within 15 days.

How can I cancel my order? You can cancel your order before FRIDAY 6:00 pm
For late cancellation, a 50% of the total of your order "IT'S NOT REFUNDABLE"

What areas do you deliver? We deliver all Dade county, Miami beach, Brickell, Doral and Aventura.